Entertain or educate? - Parents don't have to choose between these two options to deliver developmentally appropriate content that will engage their children with entertainment and knowledge. Acknowledging the fact that children's minds are like sponges, ready to suck in all the available information around, it is particularly important to provide them with substance of lasting value and fundamental benefit. At Molorak Arts we try to expose our viewers to media that allows them to explore their own imagination and build the foundation for independent, creative thinking, while shaping their individualism with age-appropriate and artistically appealing subject matter.

How early are our children ready for the classics? How soon should they be introduced to art and music? At Molorak Arts we surely think the sooner, the better. It is a known fact that even future parents tend to expose their unborn offspring to Mozart and Beethoven, and try to continue that experience throughout a child's early life. By including Armenian themes, music and art in the library of titles that they share with their children, parents enrich to the whole educational and developmental experience - it's like learning two languages at the same time!

The richness and variety of Armenian Art, History, Culture and Music assists and enables us to deliver products that are professionally created for young minds, and provide equal amounts of entertainment and education. At the same time, Molorak Arts titles engage parents and older children in the whole experience by incorporating fast-paced changing multimedia visuals and timeless classics.


Seeing things from a different perspective, viewing environments with different colors and intensity allows young and old viewers alike to understand how diverse the surrounding world is.

Consequently, these minds of the future become better aware of their culture and art and more familiar with their history, therefore contributing more effectively to today's increasingly diverse society.


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