Lucineh Kassarjian
Lucineh Kassarjian is the Founder and CEO of Molorak Arts, Inc. Lucineh’s two children, Haig and Satineh, were the driving force and inspiration for her to develop quality entertaining and educational titles for Armenian children of all ages. Lucineh launched Molorak Arts to fulfill her dream of bridging Armenia and the Armenian Diaspora by bringing digital educational experience to every Armenian home and school, and enabling Armenian parents and their children to simultaneously enjoy and learn about the gems and masterpieces of Armenian art, music, history and cultural heritage. Using the skills of her academic background in Education (Yerevan State Foreign Language and Pedagogy University after Brusov) in her projects, Lucineh is currently pursuing her second degree in Computer Arts and New Media from the Academy of Art University of San Francisco. Lucineh is also actively involved in the KZV Armenian School of San Francisco, and has had the privilege of teaching Computer Education to first through eighth graders at KZV. Lucineh began her career in 1992 at Aragast Ben, an independent software company founded in the wake of the demise of the Soviet Union and the rebirth of democracy and a market economy in Armenia. Since the launch of Molorak Arts in 2003, Lucineh divides her time between family, contributions to the Armenian community in the San Francisco Bay Area with her husband Raffi, promoting Molorak Arts’ award-winning titles and discovering new subject areas to explore and expose with digital media.

Levon Messiayan
Levon Messiayan is the Production Director in Armenia, or more accurately, the driving force for all Molorak Arts projects. While still in Yerevan State Conservatory after Komitas, on the way to become a pianist and symphonic conductor, Levon had the privilege to train under master mentors such as maestros Arno Babajanian and Guennadi Rojdestvenski, and his teacher professor Katty Malkhassian. Levon has performed as piano soloist on the big stage in Armenia and elsewhere (Moscow, Tbilisi, Odessa). During the conservatory years his interests expanded beyond classical training toward rock and jazz arrangements, while still keeping up with his classical roots-- after all, he is the son of famous Armenian trumpet player Haykaz Messiayan. In 1992 Levon was introduced to an up-and-coming software company – Aragast Ben, where he assumed the position of Director of Multimedia Group; this is when his love for technology began to truly complement his musical abilities. Since then, Levon has embraced the flexibility and creativity of digital music. In 1996 Levon co-headed a team of programmers, designers and other professionals who successfully launched the global Web broadcast of the World Chess Championship which took place in Yerevan. Since 2003 Levon has been an inimitable part of Molorak Arts, and has directed his skills toward creating high-quality products for Armenian children all around the world.

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