ApriColor Planet Demo Tracks

We have chosen 3 Scenes for demonstration purposes.
Please right-click on the icon to download the demo tracks.
As the demo files are large, we strongly recommend you
download them rather than left-click to view in the browser.

Instructions for downloading the preview Demo Tracks

Color, Line and Form (file size: 7,6MB) is a chapter where elements of graphic art are used to demonstrate how a painting is created. “Everything starts with a line – long and short, thick and thin, curves and lines. And when we add color, we create a painting”

Flowers and Fruit (file size: 10,2MB) is the most colorful and vibrant chapter. It includes works of classical and contemporary artists depicting floral and symbolic (pomegranate, etc.) scenes in abstract and classical style.

Ararat (file size: 12,5MB) is our final chapter – a window into the different depictions of the symbol of Armenia.

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