“ApriColor Planet” was chosen as Best e-Learning product at the
All-Armenian e-Content Contest, which took place in Yerevan, Armenia, on September 29, 2006

This victory gave Molorak Arts an opportunity to present it in the
World Summit e-Content Awards in Zagreb, Croatia (Fall of 2007).

WSA GRAND JURY 07 (SEPTEMBER 2007, ZAGREB, CROATIA) Selection of World’s Best e-Content 07 - top 40 projects, 5 in each WSA category, by the WSA Grand Jury, held op the invitation of the Government of Croatia. Additional selection of World Regions’ Best - continental best practice examples, honored with a special mention. Read more...



“School Bus - a musical ride to school” won the Anush Award for Best Children’s Album of the Year at the 7th Annual Armenian Film and Music Awards, which took place in Hollywood, California, on May 19, 2005.

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