Our goal is to produce a series of digital entertainment titles that would make learning in Armenian fun - in particular, utilizing our goals for our children's early years: spending quality time with them, creating a foundation for Armenian even as they grow up in an English-speaking environment, taking advantage of their natural inquisitiveness to teach new things, reinforcing the roots of their Armenian heritage while keeping up with their American friends, and finally, building the thought of learning and education as a positive experience…


      Our mission is to explore and expose aural and visual arts to Armenian children of all ages. With our products we seek to develop and strengthen creative skills, develop a sense of individuality, encourage self-expression, foster and stimulate imagination in children.


        "We are all born creative, but if we neglect to develop and strengthen these skills, our creativity becomes inhibited. By assisting and encouraging a child's creativity, you set the stage for endless opportunities for that child's imagination. A healthy imagination not only creates a resourceful and productive individual, but it also builds self-esteem, which is an important tool that will be used for the rest of that child's life. When a child creates a work of art, they are not just drawing a picture, they are also creating aspects of self-importance, individuality and engaging in self-expression."


Carlo Thertus


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